The Institute for Law and Economic Policy (“ILEP”) is a public policy research and educational foundation whose mission is to preserve, study, and enhance investor and consumer access to the civil justice system.

ILEP organizes symposia, co-sponsored by law schools and attended by academics, jurists, and practitioners. Leading professors and law experts present papers on class actions, securities law, corporate governance, and consumer protection issues. Papers presented at these Symposia have been published in prestigious law reviews and cited by numerous courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court in Amgen, Halliburton and Morrison.

ILEP, the Institute for Law and Economic Policy, joins in mourning the loss of its co­founder, Edward Labaton. Ed’s reputation in plaintiffs’ securities fraud class action bar enabled ILEP to attract top scholars in the field, and to organize for over 25 years highly regarded symposiums that produced over 100 law review articles, many of which were cited by the U.S. Supreme Court and others in major cases. ILEP is one of Ed’s many ongoing legacies, for which we all are grateful.

Marc Gross – President
Laura Stein – Special Counsel
Daniel Shmilovich – Executive Director

Nov 2023 Symposium

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November 9 & 10, 2023
“The Future of ESG”
Nov 2023 ILEP Symposium
An ILEP-Penn Carey Law Journal of Business Law Symposium
at Penn Carey Law (University of Pennsylvania)

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ILEP Academic Advisory Board

James Cox, Duke Law School

Jill Fisch, UPenn Law School

Donald Langevoort, Georgetown Law School

Hillary Sale, Georgetown Law School

Joel Seligman, University of Rochester

Randall Thomas, Vanderbilt Law School

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ILEP Officers

Marc Gross, President of ILEP; Senior Counsel Pomerantz LLP

Laura Stein, Special Counsel ILEP: Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd

Daniel Shmilovich, Executive Director

Edward Labaton, Co-Founder and President Emeritus (1932-2023)

Sandra Stein, Co-Founder (1939-2020)

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